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Plant Operation & Maintenance

Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems
Membrane Technology Systems
Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology
Compression Systems
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers
Quench Coolers
Scraped Surface Exchangers
Process & Pressure Vessels
Heat Transfer Equipment
Storage Facilities
Process Skid Packages & Modules
Industrial & Power Plant Services



Industrial & Power Plant Services  
1. Power Plant Services
2. Ball Valve & Valve Services
3. Pressure Vessel Services

The BORSIG Group has decades of experience in planning, executing and implementing all kinds of assembly, manufacturing and service tasks.

The BORSIG Group offers a broad and comprehensive range of portfolio services for applications in power engineering, the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as the oil, gas and water industries, in relation to the planning, delivery and installation of new components, modification, inspection and maintenance of existing components, spare parts as well as trouble-shooting.




Industrial & Power...
Plant Services