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  Our Products and Services

Total Solutions
Plant Operation & Maintenance

Heat Transfer Equipment  
Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems
 1.  Air Fin Cooler
Membrane Technology Systems
 2.  Threaded Closure Heat Exchangers
Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology
 3.  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Compression Systems  4.  Low and High Pressure Feedwater Heaters
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers
 5.  Slurry Heaters
Quench Coolers
 6.  Rod baffles Licensed by ConocoPhilips
Scraped Surface Exchangers
 7.  Helixchangers licensed by ABB Lummus Heat Transfer USA
Process & Pressure Vessels
 8.  Vacuum Condensers
Heat Transfer Equipment
 9. Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
Storage Facilities
 10. Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
Process Skid Packages & Modules

Industrial & Power Plant Services

KNM is one of the world’s largest supplier of complete Air Cooled Heat Exchangers used in Refineries, Gas, Petrochemicals and Chemical plants through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, FBM (Italy) and KNM Pty Ltd (Australia). These products are typically used when plant locations are unfavourable and ambient conditions are not present to allow easy and economic use of other cooling systems. KNM provides its customers with a complete range of services starting from thermal and mechanical engineering to manufacturing, modularization, delivery at site and after-sales service.





Heat Transfer