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Total Solutions
Plant Operation & Maintenance

Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers  
Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems
 1.  Gas or Oil Fired Boilers
Membrane Technology Systems
 2.  Heat Recovery Boilers
Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology
 3.  Waste Heat Incinerator Boilers
Compression Systems
 4.  Combined Heat and Power Systems
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers

The BORSIG Group delivers a complete range of products and services for industrial boilers. It offers basic and detail engineering services and also realise the construction, production, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the boiler equipment as individual components or conjunction with the necessary accessories, as complete boiler systems.




Quench Coolers
Scraped Surface Exchangers
Process & Pressure Vessels
Heat Transfer Equipment
Storage Facilities & Terminals
Process Skid Packages & Modules

Industrial & Power Plant Services




Industrial Boilers &     
HRSG Systems