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Process & Pressure Vessels
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Since inception, KNM has manufactured some of the world's largest columns and towers. Starting from engineering design and fabrication to delivery and on-site installation, each phase of fabrication and delivery meets with stringent technical, safety and quality assurance requirements.

KNM's engineering team adopts the latest engineering software and applies practical construction knowledge to optimize the time frame and increase outputs for subsequent activities such as material sourcing, fabrication process, shipping and installation activities to be carried out speedily.

As in all instances, execution of projects regardless of size and amount always require effective material sourcing and procurement mechanisms. In this respect, KNM's Global Sourcing Unit and Centralised Procurement Center provides the solution. Bulk purchases and better material lead time allows KNM Group to secure better prices and plan for a faster delivery schedule.

Having a unique synchronized hydraulic jacking system and modular Post Weld Heat Treatment system, allows KNM to fabricate larger sizes and heavier vessels in-shop with single piece delivery capabilities.

The group offers a variety of reactors such as Hydrotreater Reactors, Gasifiers/Gasification Reactors, HDS Reactors, Loop Reactors, RFCC Reactors and Regenerators, Converters, Clause Reactors, Multistage / Modular Reactors for the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries using high grade steel like Super Duplex, Chrome Molly, Incoloy, etc.


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