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Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems  
1. Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (Fired & Water Tube)

2. Steam Superheater

3. Synthesis Gas Coolers
4. Synloop Boilers

2. Steam Superheater

The steam superheater can be provided as two stage or one stage, horizontally or vertically arranged. The final design arrangement is determined by the process requirements. The KNM's Borsig & FBM has delivered steam superheaters for superheating saturated steam at a pressure stage of 12,500 kPa from 328°C to 531°C by cooling down process gas from 723°C to 355°C. Selection of suitable materials due to high temperatures and resistance against metal dusting corrosion will be done by KNM based on indepth experience in supplying steam superheaters


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