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Scraped Surface Exchangers  

1. Continuos crystallizing of product components

2. Drive System Design

1. Continuos crystallizing of product components

The separation of components of a liquid mixture by crystallization is a field in which scraped surface exchangers are frequently employed, for example for lube oil dewaxing. The crystals which mainly built up on the pipe wall during cooling are scraped off by the scraper blades of the continuously rotating scraper shaft, propelled to the cooler outlet by the product stream and leaving the scraped surface exchanger being separated by revolving filters or centrifuges.

Moreover, the scraper shaft with its fixed scraper blades provides an additional movement of the product and thus promotes the heat transfer. The low temperature required for crystallization are obtained with a refrigeration system by direct evaporation of a refrigerant in the jacket space of the scraped surface exchanger double-pipe element. KNM's BORSIG can thereby relay on its special experience in refrigeration systems.


Scraped Surface...

Continuous crystallizing of
product components