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About KNM

Total Solutions  
Vision and Mission
Corporate Profile
Recurring Income Business  
Corporate Structure
Our Products and Services  
Board of Directors   1.   Total Solutions
       Plant Operation & Maintenance
Milestones   2.   Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems  
Awards   3.   Membrane Technology Systems  
Board Charter     4.   Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology  
Constitution     5.   Compression Systems  
      6.   Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers  
    Operating Units   7.   Quench Coolers  
    1 MALAYSIA   8.   Scraped Surface Exchangers  
KNM Process Systems Sdn Bhd   9.   Process & Pressure Vessels  
KNM Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd   10.  Heat Transfer Equipment  
BORSIG Boiler Systems Sdn Bhd     11.  Storage Facilities  
KNM BORSIG Services Sdn Bhd     12.  Process Skid Package & Modules  
Hansol KNM Greentech Sdn Bhd     13.  Industries & Power Plant Services  
Petrosab Petroleum Engineering Sdn Bhd        
KHH Infrastructures Sdn Bhd   Investors  
Bursa Announcements  
    2 GERMANY  
Quarterly Reports  
Annual Reports  
BORSIG Process Heat Exchanger GmbH  
Corporate Governance Report  
BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH       2017    
BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH       2018  
BORSIG Service GmbH       2019  
    3 ITALY       2020  
FBM Hudson Italiana SpA
Circulars To Shareholders  
FBM Icoss Srl
Warrants B  
FBM-KNM FZCO     Notice to Warrant Holders  
    5 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA       Warrant Conversion Form  
KPS Technology & Engineering LLC  
Annual General Meetings  
    6 CANADA     12th AGM  
KNM Process Equipment Inc     13th AGM  
    7 THAILAND     14th AGM  
Impress Ethanol Co., Ltd.     15th AGM  
    8 UNITED KINGDOM     16th AGM  
Peterborough Green Energy Ltd     17th AGM  
              18th AGM  
            19th AGM  
Extraordinary General Meeting  
          ABAC & Whistleblowing Policy  
ABAC Policy Statement  
Whistleblowing Policy  
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