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Heat Transfer Equipment  
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 1.  Air Fin Cooler
Membrane Technology Systems
 2.  Threaded Closure Heat Exchangers
Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology
 3.  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Compression Systems  4.  Low and High Pressure Feedwater Heaters
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers
 5.  Slurry Heaters
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 6.  Rod baffles Licensed by ConocoPhilips
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 7.  Helixchangers licensed by ABB Lummus Heat Transfer USA
Process & Pressure Vessels
 8.  Vacuum Condensers
Heat Transfer Equipment
 9. Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
Storage Facilities
 10. Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
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3.  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (Heavy Duty)

FBM started design and manufacture all types of shell & tube heat exchangers since 1941. The design and manufacturing follows the classification as per TEMA standards or directions of flow and exotic materials. The special types of shell & tube heat exchangers supplied by FBM are:

  1. High Pressure, High Temperature – to prevent hydrogen and high temperature embrittlement and cracking of the base material and the disbanding of the stainless steel well overlays which may occur in hydrocracking, hydrosulphurization, residue desulphurization and others.

  2. High Efficiency Design – to enhance efficiency and performance such as rod baffles exchangers (Phillips Licensed), helix exchangers (ABB Licensed), low finned tubes exchangers and special configurations for tubular reactors.

  3. Special Metallurgy Exchangers – high pressure urea exchangers with titanium and/or duplex stainless steel, large exchangers for PTA Plants with titanium and/or duplex stainless steel, high pressure exchangers for seawater application titanium




Heat Transfer     

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers      
(Heavy Duty)