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Membrane Technology Systems  
1. Membrane Technology
2. Emission Control
3. Hydrocarbon Recovery
4. Fuel Gas Conditioning

5. Advanced Separation

5. Advanced Separation

Thanks to the persistent further development of advanced membrane materials and the possibility of tailored molecular surface engineering, BORSIG’s membrane technology offers selected products for advanced membrane applications:

  • Borsig Selective Pervaporation
  • Borsig Organophilic Nanofiltration

During selective pervaporation, part of the liquid feed flow is continuously evaporated through the membrane into the permeate which is kept under vacuum. The new application of the pore filling concept enables the tailor-made design of membranes for specific separation functions.

Besides classical nanofiltration for aqueous substance systems, BORSIG’s membrane technology offers modified membranes for the selective separation of liquid organic mixtures by so-called organophilic nanofiltration (oNF). These solvent-resistant and mechanically stable membranes enable completely new, innovative processes and constitute a new alternative to conventional thermal separation processes.

With the combination of the latest membrane technology and tried-and-tested equipment design thanks to co-operation of the BORSIG Group, its partners and customers are already benefiting from this established, innovative technology.




Advanced Separation...