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Compression Systems  4.  Steam Drums
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers
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 6.  Ultra High Vacuum & Cyrogenic Vessels
Scraped Surface Exchangers
 7.  Deaerators
Process & Pressure Vessels
 8.  Autoclaves
Heat Transfer Equipment

5.  Jacketed Vessels

Jacketed vessels are pressure vessel with a second pressure container ( the jacket ) applied generally to the outside of the pressure vessel shell itself, to either provide cooling or heating to the vessel contents. FBM ICOSS manufactures jacketed vessels using dimple jacket walls technology instead of the more conventional half-pipe, coil and double wall configurations. This allows to use less weight, to have a better heat transfer efficiency, to withstand large temperature differences and to follow different shapes of the pressure vessel shell. For these reasons FBM ICOSS jacketed vessels are recommended for critical applications.


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