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Total Solutions
Plant Operation & Maintenance

Process & Pressure Vessels  
Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems
 1.  Columns & Towers  
Membrane Technology Systems
 2.  Reactors  
Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology
 3.  Separators  
Compression Systems  4.  Steam Drums  
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers
 5.  Jacketed Vessels  
Quench Coolers
 6.  Ultra High Vacuum & Cyrogenic Vessels  
Scraped Surface Exchangers
 7.  Deaerators  
Process & Pressure Vessels
 8.  Autoclaves  
Heat Transfer Equipment


7.  Deaerators

This product is widely used especially where dissolved oxygen is available after a process, where it is absolutely necessary to remove the dissolved oxygen and to protect the inner part of equipment from severe corrosion. KNM designs and manufactures deaerators for a wide spectrum of application, in accordance to specification provided by clients.



Storage Facilities & Terminals
Process Skid Packages & Modules

Industrial & Power Plant Services







Process &     
Pressure Vessels