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Total Solutions
Plant Operation & Maintenance

Process & Pressure Vessels  
Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems
 1.  Column & Towers
Membrane Technology Systems
 2.  Reactors
Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology
 3.  Separators
Compression Systems  4.  Steam Drums
Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers
 5.  Jacketed Vessels
Quench Coolers
 6.  Ultra High Vacuum & Cyrogenic Vessels
Scraped Surface Exchangers
 7.  Deaerators
Process & Pressure Vessels
 8.  Autoclaves
Heat Transfer Equipment

8.  Autoclaves

KNM through it's subsidiary WE Smith Engineering are very experienced in the design & fabrication of autoclaves for the minerals processing industries. We have supplied equipment from solid duplex stainless steals through to titatium clad vessels. We have developed innovative welding processes that we currently hold international patents on. The advancement in this area of the autoclaves adds to the increased life of each unit.

Storage Facilities
Process Skid Packages & Modules
Industrial & Power Plant Services



Heat Transfer